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Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools - Qualifying Examination

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CGFNS Examination
(Nursing Certification)

Before a graduate of a foreign nursing school can apply for a job and residence in the USA, he/she has to pass the CGFNS examination.

Below you will find some guides and examination preparation material. Buy these CGFNS publications here directly from amazon.

When you have completed and successfully passed the TOEFL and the CGFNS exam (which you have to take outside the USA, or in Guam or Saipan), then you can proceed with your application for a job and a residence permit in the USA. When you arrive in the USA, you have to prepare yourself for the NCLEX examination in the State, in which you are offered the job and in which you want to practice nursing.

(State Nursing Certification)

Here is some NCLEX material that allows you to prepare for these exams. There are a number of "crammer classes" offered in most areas. The most well known are those by Kaplan, though there are also other established companies. Kaplan use the material shown below.

In order to get a good view over the topics of the examination, you might want to look at some of the other examination preparation options below.

It is important that you buy the most current editions (as shown) of one of these courses or preparation guides since the NCLEX examinations have a new format and new types of questions!

(Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Besides the CGFNS and the NCLEX, foreign nurses (except British, Australians, Irish, Canadian and some South Africans) have to pass TOEFL, the English test for foreigners. Again, there are numerous courses available through amazon or Kaplan.

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